Departed Lover

Episode 2

      Can two walk together

      Unless they both partner?

      Can we have a father

      Unless we have a mother?
Her response caught me unawares, not that I was being pessimistic but because I felt I was not looking presentable: No nice smelling perfume, no pencil-mouth trousers or pairs of shoes that match the belt! That day I was forced to believe that every love is a love at first sight. 
Think of it, there is always a first time when you see someone and feel alright with them, though you may not ask them out that very first time, but the affection begins to grow from that moment. No wonder there is a saying that, “there is always a first time to every thing in life.” Ask those who take alcohol, they began one day and that is their own first time. Pastors Kumuyi and  Adeboye will also have a lot to say about their first times of preaching to a large crowd before they became world preachers. My dear fear not, no matter your first time, what matters most is where it leads.

 So that very moment, I mean that very point in time, our first time began and we became lovers….
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Author: tflow

Omotayo is a talented, self-motivated, passionate, creative writer. He makes you feel the walking of the trees and the dancing of the sea through his powerful imagination and writing style blended with literary 'condiments'. He stands between what you see and what you say!

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