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Making Money or Adding Values?

Tuesday, 9th April, 2019

In life, there are probably times one is in a situation either to choose between making money (working in an establishment other than one’s dream career) or adding values to oneself (acquiring skills in pursuit of dream career)

Each option is not without its benefits, either short term or long term. Take for instance, skills acquired today in a certain field will give one edges and make one fulfill one’s career dream. However, one may find it financially uneasy in the course of skills acquisition in pursuit of the dream career.

On the other hand, working to make money at the expense of pursuing a dream career is poised to give one financial freedom. One may however be limited in terms of values added to oneself and one may have to let go of one’s intended career in pursuit of another which fetches immediate income.

A good example is a fresh graduate of Accountancy, Banking and Finance, whose dream career is to become a chattered accountant and become great in that field. He takes up a teaching job in order to make ends meet with the hope of pursuing his dream career in a short while. If all goes well, he may probably let go of his dream, given the financial and time demands in pursuing it…

There are many graduates of engineering, law, banking, agriculture among others, now teaching in schools and colleges. This is because teaching is yielding enough income to cater for their immediate needs and they feel in the long run, what is more important is making money.
Between ‘making money’ in whatever career and ‘adding values’ to make money in one’s dream career, which will you prefer? Kindly give your opinion with reasons in the comment section. 

Thanks a lot.

Departed Lovers- Episode 6

So I wondered where the other smell came from. I turned my head around and I was determined to know the source of the evil smell……  (Excerpt from Episode 5)

Episode 6
That moment I realized that the food on fire was half burnt, but before I could go I had to read the letter.

So I opened the envelope and her letter read thus:
 Dear love,

   It gives me joy and happiness immeasurable to always remember that I’m in love with you. Blessed be the day we met and the atmosphere that prompted our meeting. 

   I’m writing to you, the lover of my heart, that you should be rest assured that if the earth never ceases to exist so is my love for you… You’re simply the best…!

I was actually the happiest on the planet earth after reading the letter. By then, all evil thoughts had vamoosed and healthy feelings overwhelmed the whole of me. I recalled she once told me that she was not very good at writing romantic letters or lovely poems, but that very day I felt she had written me the best of romance I ever saw. It made me believe that “we love whatever we love for what they are, there is no explanation for it.” Once we have created a place in our heart to love someone or something, no matter how ridiculous or annoying they are, we see them as simply the best. Oh, she was the best!
Nothing actually came to my mind but I wrote something. So I picked up my pen and wrote a brief reply in form of a quatrain:

       Your love I seized

       Is like the fall of rain

       On a thirsty dry land

       Nothing but you are my pride!
We enjoyed every moment we spent together as we lived in our own world, a world covered by FLESH. We did things together and we were solely not affected by whatever happened in other people’s world. It appeared as if we lived in a separate planet where our own way of doing things was unique and uniform. 
So whatever happened to our world which was covered by FLESH affected both of us equally: We felt the weather the same way; we felt hunger the same way; we fell asleep the same time; we woke up at the same time and indeed, we ate at the same rate…..
As our lives continued joyfully in the FLESH (the WORLD of our own) we kept on enjoying every moment we spent together and ours was a definition of perfection….
 One fateful night when birds had gone to their nest, bats hanged to trees upsidedown, moon smiling dearly to the earth, the sun far from its arrival and the stars fully resumed their duty, I was deep asleep when I had a lovely ominous dream. I saw myself in a midst of people, old and young. The purpose of their gathering was unknown to me but I was sure they were planning to separate my lover and me. What we did I did not know!
It did not catch me unawares since I had once had a premonition that people in the other planet called EARTH were not approved of our love affairs. They were pained, dissatisfied and they envied us very bitterly.
 My lover and I were all alone in a house covered with FLESH and it appeared people waited outside for something to happen. One man clad in white dress like a labcoat said in silence, though I heard him “our wish is to have them separated”. I listened more quietly perhaps he would give a reason.”But I wish he come out first and his second follows…” He said. I was shocked the more. I knew that by ‘he’ and ‘his second’ he was referring to me and my lover respectively.
  I was more scared when another person, a woman who had a wig on her head said:
 “I expect them to cooperate with the way we have been monitoring them since…”

 “So we have long been under a surveillance!” I thought aloud and it was exactly that moment that I realized I was not dreaming. I looked around and I was still alone but I could hear the unfathomable noise from outside. Someone touched me and it was my lover. She was shivering and tears were dropping from her eyes, much enough to fill up a well. Crying! I was wondering why she could be crying: because of the mysterious noise out there or something?
 “What is it bae?” I asked but she said no word, only her sobing increased. Females can be so funny and cowardly, I thought within me, but I did not let her know my thought so she would not say she was leaving me. I checked the diary, it was the NINTH MONTH of our love and it was JULY!
 I began to feel it when the building was shaking. It was like the FLESH would collapse. As a man who should not be showing fear in the presence of his lover, I moved closer, drew her close to me and kissed her, but it seemed my kiss had lost its magic. She felt it not…
Then the same woman said, “oh he is coming.” I was praying it was not me but behold I could see a distance between my lover and me. I was not moving my legs yet my body had gone far. The shaking of the building reached its peak now and I unconsciously stepped out. I was welcomed by different faces- some ugly, some smiling, some thankful, frowning. I did not mind them as I was disturbed by the departure from my lover. “He is not CRYING”, one of the faces said very seriously. Then I wondered why they wanted me to cry, so I was determined I would not cry no matter what.
 The same woman slapped my buttock with her left palm, yet I did not cry. She repeated thousands of times but I did not cry and now she used her two ungodly palms. I did not want to cry, but I did so just to honour my lover who was absent…
There was now a half smile on everybody’s face except the collapsing building that vomited me. In no time my lover came out without being forced. It was then I knew she really loved me- for better for worse! The people, unable to cope with her wifely consortium to me, decided to separate us. 
She was tired, weak and helpless, I could not help either. But before she left she gave me the permission to transfer the love I had for her to someone else.  She said, “Dear, transfer the love to any of these names and consider these five qualities in them before you give one of them the LOVE…” She continued, half dead half alive, “The names and the qualities you should consider are…”
And so on the TENTH of JULY I was born and the good LOVERS were DEPARTED.

         ***THE END***
Thanks for reading through the six episodes, we hope you really had fun. Please, let’s know how you feel about “DEPARTED LOVERS” Season 1, Episodes 1-6 in the comment section. Hugs! 
WATCH OUT FOR Season 2!!!

Departed Lover

 Episode 5        


        Body shaking

        Heart racing

        Mind scattering

        Feeling dizzying

        Needing help….


I received a parcel from her, the first ever since our affairs began. I was earger to find out the content, lo and behold, I had almost removed the wrap when a spirit sang a silently sonorous song to my solitary soul: 
         Prayer is the Key

         Prayer is the key

         Prayer is the master key

        Jesus started with prayer

        And ended with prayer…
I had to pray before I unwrap the parcel, the thought flashed in my memory. I was anxious to see what my love had sent me, yet fear gripped me and my lips was unable to sing, but my mind did. Oh, it was a letter! I felt excited and I was overwhelmed by curiosity the more. What could have she sent me: she was not interested again? “Never, God forbid!”, I quickly rebuked the devil in such a traditional way, passing my left hand over my head as tips of my thumb with that of the middle finger made a sound….
The devil had been rebuked, honestly, but another thought from somewhere uncertain found a root in my heart. I recalled a story told by someone I could not remember at that moment, that a man had once been killed by opening a letter. What a silly thought! How on earth would ‘my princess’ send such a letter to me? “Impossible!”, I assured myself.
 The evelope was lovely and its beauty got me invited, but then I perceived a smell, this time a nauseating one. I first thought it came from the letter, but putting the envelope closer to my nostrils I perceived a lovely smell, the type of scent that defines love, one that makes you wanting your lover close to you every moment.


 So I wondered where the other smell came from. I turned my head around and I was determined to know the source of the evil smell…..
Click here for episode 6: https://wp.me/p7Xs8u-1N

Departed Lover

Episode 4

        “Love is a harsh tyrant 

        Where it rules,

        Love is a smoke

        Raised on the fume of sighs

        A madness drenched in syrup

        And choked with rage….”
It therefore occurred one day, I mean one fateful morning few weeks after we fell in love that I had begun to nurse certain unguided feelings within me. There was a thought of whether we loved each other equally or not. But think of it, can we in a relationship love equally? That question lingered in my memory from then till this moment and I never had a good answer either from me or elsewhere.
I realized that selfishness is a quality in a relationship. No love can exist without selfishness in one way or the other. Selfishness, going by the words of the dictionary means “the quality of being selfish; the condition of putting one’s own interests before those of others” and again I say selfishness is an attribute of love. Love indeed is “a harsh tyrant where it rules!”
Now, if your own interest is to make your partner feel more comfortable,satisfied and happier (even) much than you are, then you are selfish because that is your interest and you are putting it ahead. On the contrary, if you wish to make yourself happier and more satisfied in love than your lover, then you are indeed selfish because that is your interest and you are putting it ahead. How then do we tag someone selfish in love? 
While this thought was gradually finding root, deep in the soil of my thinking faculty like a calamitous and ghoulish introduction of hijab to school uniform in an unnamed state in Nigeria,  I received a parcel from her, the first ever since our affairs began. I was earger to find out the content, lo and behold….

Departed Lover

Episode 3

   Let me not to the marriage of true minds

   Admit impediments. Love is not love

   Which alters when it alteration finds,

   Or bends with the remover to   remove:

   O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,

   That looks on tempests and is never


   It is the star to every wandering   bark,

  Whose worth’s unknown, although his

  height be taken.

   Love ’s not Time’s fool, though rosy   lips and cheeks

   Within his bending sickle’s compass come;

    Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,

   But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

   If this be error, and upon me prov’d  

   I never writ, nor no man ever lov’d.

            -William Shakespeare


We became lovers and our love was growing day by day much vaster than an empire. However, the meaning of love was still a mystery to me as I would not be able to tell anyone categorically, how I fell in love with her and I was sure she could not say either. But, I knew I love her and same did she! 
 Then the ugly thought of how we met came to my memory once more. But, was it actually ugly? Not really if I must be frank, after all I did not come out defeated. 

From that, I realized that love does not occur to us human beings equally, no it is not a stereotypical affair. My own approach was defensive that very day, I did not say I had things I never dreamt of having. I did not talk about my family and neither did she, yet we believed we were in love.
 It therefore occurred one day, I mean one fateful morning few weeks after we fell in love that…

Departed Lover

Episode 2

      Can two walk together

      Unless they both partner?

      Can we have a father

      Unless we have a mother?
Her response caught me unawares, not that I was being pessimistic but because I felt I was not looking presentable: No nice smelling perfume, no pencil-mouth trousers or pairs of shoes that match the belt! That day I was forced to believe that every love is a love at first sight. 
Think of it, there is always a first time when you see someone and feel alright with them, though you may not ask them out that very first time, but the affection begins to grow from that moment. No wonder there is a saying that, “there is always a first time to every thing in life.” Ask those who take alcohol, they began one day and that is their own first time. Pastors Kumuyi and  Adeboye will also have a lot to say about their first times of preaching to a large crowd before they became world preachers. My dear fear not, no matter your first time, what matters most is where it leads.

 So that very moment, I mean that very point in time, our first time began and we became lovers….
Read Episide 3 here https://wp.me/p7Xs8u-1F

Departed Lover

​Episode 1 
   “And your laughter like a flame

    Piercing the shadows

    Has revealed feelings to me 

    Beyond the snow of yesterday!”

It was a long time ago perhaps not too long, if my memory still serves me well. I fell in love with someone who never asked me out or did I either.

We met and the very first time ever in our time, we fell in love. The love that did not take days or months to grow. The unconditional love that everyone craves.
 That very day, I looked into her eyes but I did not wink to her. I spoke but my mouth did not open. I was silent yet she heard my speech. Oh, what a day!
 I did not use the biggest vocabularies in the dictionary to say I love her (in fact, English was not known to me then) I was not putting on my best outfit and neither was my pairs of shoes polished. I cannot recall if I combed my hair, but I am certain I did not have hair then. So I appeared as ‘hairless’ (not ugly) as any bald headed man you might have seen in a movie. 
 “I know you love me”, I bluntly said to her unrehearsed, looking away from her side. Then I did not have a handset to play with to keep me busy and protect my shyness from being noticed as I awaited her reaction…

While I waited, fear visited me and anxiety was my host. The heat of my body could cook a bowl of beans. Suddenly, an unusual courage from nowhere fell on me like a dove descended upon Jesus after his baptism.  It immediately dawned on me that “it is only the violent that takes it by force.” Besides, I recalled I had not been given the spirit of fear but…
“I am sure you love me too!” she replied undefeatedly. With a recuperating confidence in me, I looked her in the face rather stealthily. The type of look on her face told me she was not taking it personally, so an uncommon boldness swallowed the whole of me. I felt I was a man. Oh, what a perfect match we were!

  to be continued…

Read Episode 2 here https://wp.me/p7Xs8u-1D


Here is an in-depth analysis of the poem “I Found a Bride” done by a guest poet. Read and make a comment.


The poem illustrates, in a metaphorical sense, a patient wait for and the eagerness to behold a brand new year. It also conveys what the poet wishes to experience in the course of the year. Hence, it is filled with wishes, prayers and hope. 



*Hope and wishes

Diction: The diction is simple and easy to understand, but carefully chosen to convey the message in the poem. 

Tone: The tone of the poet is romantic and wishful. 

Mood: The mood is the poet is that of anxiety and aspiration. 


The poem is rich in metaphor, starting from the title, where ‘bride‘ stands for ‘year‘. Many other direct comparisons were made, such as:

‘skinny skirts’ for ‘months’,  ‘minstrel’ for ‘year’, ‘children’ for ‘months’, etc.

The poet refers to the year 2018 and 2019 as human beings, ascribing human qualities to them. 

Eg: “Gone’s the first bride; here I wait for New (you)”

_”Give me your hands- TWO, ZERO, ONE, NINE”, “I’m unschooled, will you still be mine?”, etc

Through out the poem, the poet-speaker addresses the year as though it were present before him. 

Eg: “I’m unschooled, will you still be mine?”


Eg: ‘s’ in “skinny skirts”

 ‘p’ in “plastic plates”, etc.
Rhetorical Question

“I’m unschooled, will you still be mine?”

Would you in plastic plates with me dine?

And in broken bottles sip my wine?

“Would you serve your lord in my shrine?”


The natural arrangement of these words should have been “Would you…dine with me?” But in order to achieve rhyme, the arrangement was made in a way to have the word dine come last as  in “Would you… with me dine?”


Let’s romance like groom to bride”

Here’s my head; shower it with prosperity jell”


Would you…” repeated in lines 8 and 10.






Rhyme Scheme

The 20-line poem is of four equal stanza of five lines each, with uniform stanzaic rhyme scheme as:

aaaaa bbbbb ccccc ddddd

Parallelism and Rhythm

 A number of lines in the different stanzas are of almost equal length, giving the poem a good sense of rhythm.

I hope you find this interesting.

Oyesomi Oluwatobi Emmanuel




Gone’s the first bride; here I wait for New

Spent days and nights under the dew

It’s nothing; I needed pay my due

See me here close to the bamboo

TWELVE skinny skirts passed; none did I woo
Give me your hands- TWO, ZERO, ONE, NINE

I’m unschooled, will you still be mine?

Would you in plastic plates with me dine?

And in broken bottles sip my wine?

Would you serve your lord in my shrine?
2—0—1—9! You’re a brand new minstrel

Tell your TWELVE children to treat me well

Bring me blessings; scrap standing spell

Here’s my head; shower it with prosperity jell

Let your FORTY-EIGHT kids show me no hell
Be with me now till eventide

Let’s romance like groom to bride

I’m weak; lend me your pride

Let’s journey in harmony as we stride

Leave me not till cometh NEW BRIDE!
 Happy New Bride 2019 to you!

  Omotayo Ogunkanmi [t’flow]



The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) on Wednesday confirmed that the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the September 22 Osun gubernatorial election, Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke sat for its examination in 1981.
This confirmation was made by WAEC in its response to an order made on September 11 this year by a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), in Bwari, Abuja, directiing the examination body to produce Adeleke’s result.
The PDP’s governorship candidate has recently been battling against an allegation that he did not have a WAEC result and  as such, should be disqualified from contesting in the Saturday’s governorship election.
Early today, WAEC, responding in its affidavit sworn to by Henry Sunday Adewunmi Osindeinde a Deputy Registrar G Head of School Examination Department for WAEC, confirmed that Adeleke sat for its April/May 1981 examinations at Ede Muslim High School, Yidi Road, Ede, with Centre Number: 19645 and Candidate Number 149.
However, further actions by concerned institutions as regards the allegation now rest on this new revelation from WAEC.

Reporting: Regina Nnamdio

September 19, 2018.
NB: As a conscious Nigerian, feel free to share your opinion with us via the comment box. God bless Nigeria!